We all have our favorite type of setup, what type of product we prefer worn or new. Some don’t care, can pull the perfect flip tricks and airs on two roller-skates taped to a jagged piece of cardboard.  For the rest of us, it’s a neuroses, we need OUR own setup.  Some can adapt at a certain level, appreciate the first slides on a fresh deck while they have that awkward elementary school slow dance adjusting to it.  For most of us, even the pros(why do you think they’re changing decks every other day), we need what we know, what we can feel comfortable with to throw ourselves into the gnarly unknown and get in that good zone, sometimes it happens naturally, just that perfect day, just as inevitable as the absolute worst days that happen for no real reason, no matter how aware of your own self and mind you are.

We have this belief, a lot of it fact and a lot of it just mental games that our brain/body/mind have, to get through life on the board.  We flick too hard on that new grip, forgot about that fresh sharp edge on the sole of a new shoe.  Even those who adapt need a standard.  For sanity, we’ll expect bad days at certain times, argue with ourselves that that mindset is the very cause of a bad day, heightening our madness, try our hardest to turn the day around, we can’t win everyday.

Trucks are by far the last product anyone wants to change.  New trucks are like getting a pet too soon after the last passes, you don’t want the new addition to the family, you want the old one back.  We’ll do anything to hold onto those trucks, or as a compromise, the bushings.  We’ll hammer nuts onto stripped axles when the wheels wear out, you can maybe get away with this twice before the axle ends are too busted, then maybe you super glue the nut(s) on.  Taking the hangers down to the axle, that’s what we all want, but the closer we get, the farther from salvageable bushings we lead ourselves.  We can’t give it up though, grinding through the base-plate into the hardware bolts, grinding into the axle, it’s what we have to do, the disappointment that comes when a pair of trucks breaks prior, it’ll hit your ego.

When the time comes to change trucks, it’s almost more devastating.  You can see they only have a month or few weeks to go, maybe you’ve thrown on a new set of wheels one too many times and dread the thought of which nut need to be hammered on next, but it always comes.  So many prepare for it, mostly through bushings, as Brandon Turner spoke on video in his teenage years, you burn them, melt them a little with a lighter, some take off the top spacer on the kingpin, others buy soft or medium bushings, still giving themselves a day or two of adjustment.  We all have our methods, more neurotic days deciding pre-work needs to be done on the new pair.  Personally, I buy a pair of Shorty’s low-doh’s, medium, and tighten the bolts on a fresh pair of Indy-lows as much as I can, let them sit for a month or two before considering a switch, hoping I grind to the axle and crossing my fingers nothing is stripped when the wheels wear too thin.

Nothing compares to a new set of trucks.  Shoes in the late ’90’s early ’00’s could compare, took a week to wear in, lasted at least a month, if not two or three easy, especially with a tube of shoe goo.

A new deck might be a bit stiff and tight with that addition of fresh grip.  New wheels might add a touch of weight.  Today’s new shoes don’t add much but knees and feet taking more of the blow, our legs are begging for a new pair after a week or two these days… hardware, new hardware is nothing even worth mentioning if it’s quality.  Trucks are a universal stress.  Nobody wants a new pair of trucks, or has the luxury/loss of never letting a set grow old.  As attached to we get to our individual products, as many memories as each of those items hold, nothing is like the truck to the street skater.

Our decks and shoes hold the most memories, tricks landed life-events happening around each board, tricks landed and times had with shoes.  Trucks mean the most, despite where our inner child finds its excitements in skating, the new deck, new product, there’s legitimacy to the sponsored feeling like it’s their birthday every month.  Every deck I skate means more to me than any truck I’ve ever ridden.  But I have as much, if not more, pride for the truck I ride, the grooves made, the looseness and feel it gives, without trucks and their evolution, skating wouldn’t be what it was. whatever you want to say, no one overlooks their trucks, not without wastefully adding to the endless struggle.


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