Been a Minute

Writing about skateboarding is weird, especially as part of me is a skateboarder.  I stopped adding posts because it felt like all I was doing was odes to amazing skaters, nothing wrong with that, but giving out handjobs can get old, and how much love can you constantly offer before it loses credit?

What else is there to say these days?  What have people forgotten to care about, what are people caring about that they shouldn’t be and why does that matter?  Who the fuck am I to know anything real about the skate industry?  I’m just some dude, over twenty years deep like so many other people, what does my opinion matter?  What isn’t torn to shreds and left for dead these days?  Tearing apart and ruining thought and opinion is a more respected art than learning how to listen.

Our idols, relics, prophets and gods, so many are people we wouldn’t want to be, but want the respect and recognition from, we want to be a part of what they are, which is what we all are, the labels and company names don’t really matter, the hype doesn’t matter, it’s the recognition.  It’s somebody else yelling out, “Hey!  Look at this motherfucker!  He knows how to do it!”  And people get called out all the time, even if all they have is a little taste of what’s right, that glimmer.  That’s right place, right time.  The amount of hometown heroes that never became anything in those moments, maybe they still rip, maybe they had to move on from skating for whatever reason.

Pros who never got the paychecks or promotion they deserved, pros who fell victim to drugs and got dropped when they didn’t think they were doing any different than everyone else, who’s still living it up and getting paid from the dropped pro’s perspective.

From the outside there are always opinions, thoughts, analysis. From the inside, there’s sides, what people see and what they think.

So what the fuck does it all matter?  Whether I write this or not doesn’t initially(or ever) matter to anyone but me, but supporting what skateboarding is, being out there, skating and taking care of yourself through skateboarding, that’s what matters.

Ranting for hours about your favorite pros, skaters you forgot about, coming up with lists and calculations, living with no idea what the next six hours are going to be, forming and changing opinions, skateboarding will forever the be the key.  Do whatever the fuck you want, but do it with the love an obsession we give/gave skateboarding, learn from what it showed/shows you, if it’s truly who you are, whether you still ride or follow all the pages on Instagram, you won’t need another book for reference.


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