Random Rambling

Its funny, for the randomness and time I have between posts, sometimes I don’t think about it, other times I feel like I’m slacking.

I felt like I was slacking since the last post, even though I have gone months and months without even thinking about writing something for this.

I get the same way with skating, sometimes all I think about is how I need to learn something new, that I need to get out of some rut I don’t really feel I’m in.

But, I’m there for the feeling, for the love, for the need, for the religion, or culture(Wenning bitch!), or whatever reasons, part of my wake up routine, like coffee and a shit, if I’m getting out of bed, it’s happening.

But when that new trick bug bites, I’m all in, it almost becomes part of daily habit, learn one, learn the next, shove out today, bigspin out tomorrow, 270 shove the next day, then 270, flip out, flip out to fakie… then the next grind or slide, until you get injured or run out of ideas, or confidence… well, I guess some confidence is always getting lost with an injury, at least for me, and I know I’m not alone.

I’ve ended up having that frustrating issue of, learn a new trick and land it sketchy, a handful I just can’t get the way I want, so there’s like five tricks I learned, but not well, the coming to a stop before flipping out of a grind or slide, the tail smacking ride away, the toe drag, doesn’t matter that it isn’t for something, I WANT IT CLEAN!

That’s the worst kind of ride away, haha, not always, but so much of the time it’s the sighing, “fuck yes, I can finally stop.” roll away.  You don’t even care, you landed that trick fifteen times over 90 minutes, half the lands would have been better if you weren’t so tired, but you somehow randomly got a clean one in the delirious exhausted state you’re in, it’s almost like you didn’t even feel it, maybe you know,  but no matter what, the roll away isn’t the endless enthusiasm and satisfaction where you jump off the board or even can’t jump off the board, just caught in that high, never want your feet off the deck, you do like six more flatground tricks just to keep rolling to keep that high going.

I’ve got the hockey temper too, ESPECIALLY with new tricks.  I’m a lot better with it on tricks I have every try, but if it still takes six or seven tries that one day, I’m not always on point, so four tries into the first 5-O of the day, I may be roaring out a, “Fucking Christ!” five or six times tries in, the board might be getting thrown, but, after a couple weeks ago when I had a breakdown while a skate camp was at the park and a counselor had to ask me to watch my language, I’ve been able to keep it mellow and get that more positive perspective.

It also gets weird, some days, getting angry makes it worse, all you need to do is take a breath and laugh it off.  Other days, let me scream, “FUCK!” at the top of my lungs and give my board one good mall grabbing slam into the ground as it bounces back up to my hands and all the anger is gone, the rest of the session goes smoothly.

Then there are the days you chuck the board, tear a cut into your thumb on the edge of a bolt and blow out the side of your board’s nose because you didn’t throw it just right into the ground… fuck it, just keep your mouth shut and get what you can out of the session after that, you’ve already been defeated, and no, no changing the board, you made the chip, live with it, REMEMBER, grow and develop from it, change your board when it breaks.

Even though I change my deck at razor tail, and during the summer, this east coast heat, sun and humidity, that griptape just melts, starts ripping off the edges and sides, you can just feel it, no grip can last much more than three weeks, at least when you’re out in the morning/noon sun like I am.  Also, I’ll say it ten million times, Chapman wood doesn’t break, it’s one of the best in the business, North American Maple, cut, pressed, screened, EVERYTHING done right here.  So when I snap a deck, it’s always from landing improperly and having over-tightened my bolts in the first few days before the deck, bolts and trucks all wear into place… Nothing too big of a deal, but those first few days, maybe even week, always re-tightening hardware to keep the deck from snapping as it grows into the sweet spot.

Another thing I’ll say a million times, day three through the end of the second or third week(depending on the season), is the best part of product ever, nice pair of worn in trucks, solid bearings and wheels(wherever they are in their life cycle), as long as your trucks are worked in(although Indy has been on point with their bushing game the last couple years, you guys perfected it)… lost my train of thought….

Point is, shoes, deck and trucks, the rest, if you have it figured out, you know it doesn’t matter until it’s time to change it up.  But shoes and decks, a couple days in and all the way up to when you have to peace out, it’s fucking heaven… and totally up to you, a bad day is because of life, or, because you had too many beers, one too many late night joints, too many sodas, not enough veggies and fruit, whatever, maybe you did nothing different but are just having that off day… Alright, too much rambling, here’s  Dave Mayhew and Smolik/Turner’s parts of Osiris the Storm, because why the fuck not?

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