Dedacs Apparel Review

Dedacs hit me up to see what their clothing was like.  They have decent graphics, which you can check out on their website – loads of gear too, great people running it, they’re worth some love.

Let’s start with the basics, before I even got the shirt, the estimated time was one to three weeks, the shirt showed up pretty close to a week later, sick.

So, this being my first and official product review, I want to be thorough.  I am going to wear the shirt for a week straight, sleep, eat, bathe, handle everything in this bad boy.

Allow me to present to you, The Shirt Log:

Day One

Woke up and threw the shirt on, the fresh new white, creases still in the sleeves, that amazing softness and feel of a fresh new shirt, so good.  Had some coffee, fed the dog and took him out, immediately started getting high fives and drive-by new shirt shout-outs, the sun was shining brighter, life is good in Dedacs.  But enough of the cool points adding up with each block we walked, it was time to skate.

The skate session was good, the shirt breathes alright, nice white color to help me stay as cool as possible in this summer sun, the sleeves were great for wiping that forehead sweat.

Got home and showered.  The shirt handles well in the shower, soaps up real nice, rinses well, still allowed my skin to get in on the jam, highly recommend it.

Had to get some lunch in after the shower, the shirt worked great as a plate and napkin, might not work to well for a soup, or a wetter meal, but it handled my sandwich like some fine porcelain.

After lunch, it was time to give my dog another walk, the kudos and high fives did not stop, everybody needed to know about the shirt, who made that?  Where can I get one?  GIVE ME THAT SHIRT RIGHT NOW!  It’s a game changer out there in Dedacs apparel.

I laid low until dinner, which was spaghetti.  That was interesting, the shirt held onto the sauce well, but I only had one free hand to eat with since my other was holding the shirt up like a bowl, it wasn’t too bad, just slowed me down a little.

Watched a couple skate videos and went to bed, during that time, the shirt did me no wrong, but the bar is pretty low for what to expect from clothing when you’re chilling on the couch.

Day Two

Woke up with the shirt on still feeling like new.  Sipped some coffee, fed the dog, business as usual.  Got some more high-fives and shirt love walking my dog before the daily skate, shower was another success.

I thought I’d challenge myself(and the shirt) with lunch, had a nice nacho-esque bowl of melted cheese, sour cream, can of black beans, some guacamole, broken up chips and tasty and appropriate herbs and spices.  The shirt struggled holding onto the beans, a few rolled out of the folds in the bowl shape I was holding the shirt in, but not bad overall.

Always gotta make time for my dog’s walks, so we were back out again after lunch.  It was going like a normal walk as usual, but then I saw a little girl standing next to a tree, too young to be alone, but she wasn’t going anywhere, just staring up in the tree.  My dog and I finally make it the two blocks to where the little girl is standing and I ask if she’s okay.  She points up the tree to where her mom is struggling to climb up to where their cat is frozen and scared at the end of a branch over the street.  I shout up to the mom offering help, but she claims to not need it.  I stand with the girl watching the mom finally reach the branch with the cat, but as soon as she puts some weight on it, the branch snaps!  The mom has a strong enough hold on the body of the tree to be fine, but the cat falls from the breaking and shaking branch, about thirty feet up.  I run into the street and stretch out the shirt like a net, catching the cat perfectly, one could argue just any old shirt could have handled this, but no, not like a Dedacs shirt.

My pizza dinner didn’t really require a plate, but my shirt came in handy for my napkin, the sleeves clean tomato sauce and grease just as well as they clean sweat from my forehead at the park during the morning wake and skate.

After that, it was more sofa relaxing before bed in my shirt, nothing worth reviewing beyond the comfort of the shirt extends to chilling and sleeping just as well as skating and living.

Day Three

Slept like a baby in the Dedacs shirt again.  Started getting some looks from neighbors who have seen me in the shirt the last few days, got some love and high-fives from strangers for the shirt.

I had another solid skate in the breathable fabric, still showers well, but why wouldn’t it?  After the sandwich I had for lunch, I felt like some ice cream, so a couple scoops into the shirt(held like a bowl) and I had myself a fancy lunch-dessert, I recommend eating somewhat fast, once it melts it’s gonna drip through.

The rest of the day didn’t have anything worth reporting, had a burger and fries for dinner, got a lot of stares stretching the shirt over the table to use as a plate, so it was a bit awkward eating with that many people watching me, but the shirt still continues to be a great plate for all types of foods cooked in all types of ways.

Day Four

The shirt is still feeling like I just took it out of the mail packaging.  The morning was nothing to report about, coffee dog walking, more weird stares from neighbors I see daily as they gawked at my shirt, whispering about how new it looks, yet I’ve been wearing it for days on days by now.  Skated, showered, I had noodles for lunch, but was asked to leave the restaurant when I poured out the bowl into my cupped shirt, it was a little wet, but still, solid contents and the first two bites I got before they physically forced me to leave were delicious, my only recommendation would be that you’ll probably want to get it take out or delivery if you go the noodle route.

I went on with the rest of the day, but had a big late afternoon meal, fat sandwich and loads of snacks piled on the shirt that I stretched out over my lap and then decided to go out for some beers at the corner bar.  There was a woman giving my shirt looks and eventually bought me some drinks over her fascination in this Dedacs shirt.  Long story short, she invites me back to her place and I keep the shirt on during the dirty deeds.  I shouted Dedacs as I finished, judging by her reaction, I would not recommend doing that.

Day Five

This day started like all the rest recently, coffee, dog walk, skate.  Lunch was a bowl of chili, the Dedacs shirt handled it like a boss, not too drippy, but I like my chili thick, still, the shirt owned it, got through the meal easily, also, I’ve adapted well to holding the shirt like a bowl and eating with one hand.

While giving my dog his second walk we came up on a block where a speeding car came to a screeching halt ahead, blocking an alleyway along the side of the street.  I watched the driver leap out of the car and run around the trunk to open the back door as he spoke with an anxiety loud enough to hear.  My dog and I crossed the street as the man is yelling into his phone until he sees me and shouts, “You!  Help!  Now!”  My dog and I ran down the block as the man hangs up his call and tells me, “My wife is giving birth, the baby’s coming right now!”  I ask about an ambulance.  He says they’re on the way, but the baby, he tells me to look, I see half of it’s head coming out.  The man shouts his dire need for a clean and sterile material to cradle the new born in.  I knew what needed to happen.  I pulled the shirt off my back and offered it to them, “This is everything you need, trust me.”  The man held it beneath their new born as it was birthed.  They held the baby in the shirt until the ambulance got there, even the EMT’s were impressed by the Dedacs ability to comfort a new born.

Needless to say, I was exhausted at that point, so I took the shirt back and headed home to sleep.

Day Six

Day six started off normal as usual.  After handling my shower in the shirt, I had a nice ravioli and red sauce in the stretched bowl of my shirt, pretty messy, dripped through a lot, still tasty, again, eat fast in this situation.

I had to run a personal errand that was DOWNTOWN, I live downtown, but this was downtown-downtown.  I was biking as I see a police barricade, only one car, I don’t think much of it and try biking through while an officer shouts, “No!”  There was a man hanging from a window cleaning dolly, slippery and poorly tied utility straps, forty stories up.  The two officers were shouting into their walkies about how the emergency team wouldn’t get there in time.  I shouted over them for their attention while I took off my shirt, “Everyone grab a corner and stretch it out!  This shirt can save him, I promise.”  We pulled the shirt as wide as three people could.  We started to hear the sirens of backup in the distance while we measured ourselves up beneath the man.  One officer mumbled about the man holding on until the legit team got there, but just then, the strap broke and the man fell, we caught him as he bounced up and came right back down into the shirt, unharmed.  I was asked to stay until the issue had been completely handled, at which point I took my shirt and went home to pass out after the energy it took to deal with more absurd drama and gnarly situations hitting me.

Day Seven

I woke up early and just laid there in bed.  I couldn’t help thinking about everything that had happened the past week, was it random, was it the shirt, what the hell is this shirt?!  I took it off and just stared at the 3D graphics, this was more than a shirt.  I climbed out of bed and hung the shirt on the wall with a pushpin.  What is this graphic?  I reached out to touch it, my hand dipped into it, vanished into the shirt.  VANISHED INTO THE SHIRT!  The other side felt a little cool, maybe sixty degrees, I could feel some warmth, like a sun.  I pulled my hand back, nothing happened, everything was physically fine with my hand.  I had to put my head through.  The other side is a forest, perfect temperature, I can see a mini ramp in the distance, I think I see a plaza with loads of granite behind that.  My dog and I are going to the other side, peace out, fools.

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